Steps to follow when considering approaching an online complaint in a consumer court

Some Steps to follow when considering approaching an online complaint in a consumer court

Online Complaint: The decision to file a complaint online with a consumer court is not one of the easy decisions of your life, and yet you should consider this option if you are sure that you have been wronged by a manufacturer or service provider who has promised something for money and which subsequently did not deliver.

But before you even think about approaching an online consumer court complaint, remember the following things to make your case stronger and your position clearer.

Start early

The first thing to remember if you want to approach a consumer court complaint online is to register the complaint as soon as possible. The more you postpone it, the more likely you will not go through with your decision and just sit back and relax.

Keep the complaint number safe

It does not matter whether you are submitting a complaint online or offline, always make sure you have a complaint number with you as proof that you have submitted a complaint. If you don't get the complaint number, chances are you will forget or simply ignore the case.

Seek help

If you are new to the consumer court online complaint cases, consider enlisting the help of an organization like Consumer Voice that stands for customer right and makes a customer feel special. It's also smart to have a few consultations to get a clear idea of ​​what to expect during the case, how long the case will last, and how much compensation you should claim.

Don't be rude

Never be rude to a supervisor or member of the company that committed the crime. It could go against you in court. Always use a polite tone and have wise conversations. Don't get provoked by the people at the company whose sole purpose is to upset you and prove you wrong. Keep your mood on the line and stay as calm as possible.

Do not change patterns

If you have filed a complaint against a service provider whose services you also need in the future, you are advised to do everything right, even if the case goes to court. For example, if you paid money to top up to a telecom company and they didn't make the top-up, and you are fighting a case about this, then you need to make sure you have a record of every top-up done after that and you don't makes mistakes. such as exceeding the last payment date for future recharge.

Be ready to wait

It is a bitter truth that legal matters in India take a long time to reach a decision. So you have to be patient. After every few weeks, you should be willing to devote some of your time to the case until a decision is made. Make sure to talk to your boss and your family about the matter as your personal and professional life can be affected by the need to appear in court.

Remember the procedure

The procedure for filing an online complaint in a consumer court must be followed exactly if you want to get justice. You must ensure that you submit the complaint within certain deadlines and that you approach the appropriate body. All of this information is shared by the Consumer Voice experts to make sure you don't embarrass yourself.

Have faith

It doesn't matter whether you feel confident about a win or not, it is essential that you feel confident when you file a complaint online with a consumer court. You should always be positive and think that you are going to win the case, no matter how strong the other party is. It is also recommended that you surround yourself with people who are with you, support and encourage you to fight the cause to the end instead of surrounding yourself with people who think you have no chance of victory. It is also essential that you place your trust in India's judicial system and remember that the government sees your interests as more dignified than those of a company.


In essence, it could be said that you have to follow several steps when considering filing a complaint online with the consumer court, but following them will increase your chances of a win and bring you justice.


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